Trade & Commodity Finance

FIMBank provides transactional and structured short-term financing to trading companies. You can benefit from a wealth of experience by specialist personnel in handling transactions dealing with a number of basic agri, metals and energy commodities, coupled with a good understanding of emerging markets. We offer flexible creative solutions supporting back-to back L/C deals and more complex structured trade transactions.

Our customers benefit from a one-stop shop to facilitate their transactions. The basic premise of a commodity transaction is to arrange a closed-end, self-liquidating, secured and closely monitored transaction that may include:

  • Pre-Export
  • Export/Import
  • Post-Import
  • Receivable Financing
  • Back-to Back L/C Financing (transactional finance)
  • Syndicated Short Term Trade Finance 

FIMBank supports these facilities in all major currencies, combined with the necessary currency hedging instruments. Bridging finance is normally available on a floating interest rate base. Margins on the level of finance available apply, depending on the goods traded and the associated market risk for the product.

For further details, contact our Trade Finance team on +356 21322100 or send us an email