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Executive Management

Adrian Alejandro Gostuski - Chief Executive Officer

Adrian Alejandro Gostuski is a French National. He obtained his CPA from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and his MBA from Escuela Superior de Economía y Administración de Empresas, Argentina.

He started his career at PWC before joining Citibank, where he occupied various positions in Buenos Aires, New York and Singapore, being the latest in Mexico City, as Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer for Corporate Bank, Latin America. He joined Barclays Bank in London in 2008 as Chief Financial Officer - Operations and Technology, Global Retail Bank. Mr Gostuski joined Burgan Bank in 2011 where he occupied the position of Group Chief Financial Planning & Strategic Business Development Officer, and is presently a director at Burgan Bank Turkey.  Mr Gostuski served as Acting CEO of FIMBank from 30th March 2020 and was confirmed as CEO on the 7th April 2021.

Simon Lay - CEO of London Forfaiting and Deputy CEO of FIMBank

Simon Lay started his career with the Midland Bank/HSBC Banking Group, where he worked in a number of areas, including those of International Banking, Corporate Finance, Controller of Lending, Trade Finance and Forfaiting. Subsequently, he was given responsibility for leading Midland’s forfaiting subsidiary, Mid Aval. Simon joined London Forfaiting Company Ltd (LFC) in 1991. In the various senior positions he occupied at LFC, he was entrusted with the expansion of the company’s operations, including in the Americas, the Middle East and Turkey. He was appointed to the company’s Board of Directors in 1997. Following LFC’s acquisition by FIMBank plc in 2003, Simon was appointed as its Managing Director, with global responsibility for the company’s business, including its overseas branches and subsidiaries. During this period, he managed to transform the company from making losses to one which has consistently contributed to the profitability of the FIMBank Group. Today, LFC has established a proven reputation for providing fast, efficient, tailor made non-recourse finance solutions to importers and exporters worldwide. Simon enjoys a reputation as an authority on forfaiting and trade finance, having written numerous articles and been a regular speaker on the subject.Simon, who is a member of FIMBank’s Executive Committee, is also the Bank’s Representative Officer in the United Kingdom. Simon is now currently the CEO of LFC.

Andrea Batelli - Executive Vice President, Group General Counsel, Head of Investor Relations & Company Secretary

Andrea Batelli joined FIMBank in June 2010, as Head of Legal & Compliance of the Group. Andrea has more than twenty years of experience in the banking sector, with a particular focus on trade finance and compliance. Andrea was appointed as FIMBank’s Company Secretary in 2013. Before joining FIMBank, Andrea occupied the position of Head of the Legal Department and General Counsel at Banca UBAE SpA, Rome (Italy), where he also acted as a member of the Oversight Body with a compliance role. During his career at Banca UBAE, Andrea acquired extensive international expertise in the banking sector, particularly within the Mediterranean, Middle and Far East together with a thorough knowledge of these markets, their culture and the associated challenges.

Andrea received his Law Degree from the University of Perugia (Italy) in 1997 and a Masters in International Company Law in 2000. He is certified by the Rome Bar as an eligible lawyer and thus he is qualified for representation and defense before the Italian Courts. Currently, Avv. Batelli is a member of the board of directors of Egypt Factors and BrasilFactors and serves as chairman of the board of FIMFactors BV.

Juraj Beno - Executive Vice President, Group Chief Financial Officer

Juraj Beno started his banking career in 2002 with Citibank, where he worked in various finance positions in Slovakia. In 2007, he was assigned to a new Citibank franchise setup in Kuwait, where he served for five years, lastly in a Country Financial Officer role. In 2012, he joined Burgan Bank as a Head of Strategic Financial Planning with wide responsibilities covering among others group strategy design and its implementation. More recently, in 2019, he was appointed as Director of Performance Planning in Al Hilal Bank, United Arab Emirates, entrusted with co-leading the Integration Management Office in charge of ongoing M&A transaction workstreams delivery. Juraj Beno joined FIMBank in August 2020 and has as of recently been approved by regulator for the role of Group Chief Financial Officer of the Bank. 

Ronald Haverkorn - Executive Vice President, Chief Risk Officer  

Ronald Haverkorn joined FIMBank in May of 2015 as the Chief Risk Officer and Executive Vice President. He is responsible for the risk related functions in the group. He sits on several board and committees including; Board Risk Committee, ALCO, Group Executive Committee and Credit Risk Committee. Before joining FIMBank Ronald had a 22 year career in the International Division of Wells Fargo Bank where he worked in the United States as well as in the United Kingdom and Germany while managing global teams.    

During his career he has held various global positions in financial institutions and corporate banking with a focus on the Emerging Markets. Responsibilities included; trade finance, structured finance, syndications, risk mitigation, asset trading, portfolio management, risk reporting and relationship management. He was a member of several divisional committees, risk committees and ALCO.

Ronald was born in the Netherlands and moved to the USA to go to pilot school and attend university. He graduated from the University of Texas with a B.A. degree in business administration.

Julio Cesar Bonifacino - Chief Investment Officer, Structuring Executive, Advisor to CEO.

Julio Cesar Bonifacino is an Italian National. He obtained his CPA and BA from UDELAR in Montevideo, Uruguay, and his Master of Science in Strategic Planning from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

He started his career in banking at Citibank in Montevideo, moving later to Mexico, Panama and London, occupying positions as Treasurer, Investment Management Head and Consumer Country Business Head, among others.

Mr. Bonifacino joined Burgan Bank in Kuwait in 2013, where he occupied the positions of Deputy of the International Operations Office holding the role of monitoring the banking subsidiaries of the Group, and Head of Subsidiaries Banking Unit where he was responsible for the funding and capital needs of those subsidiaries as well as strategic associates of the Group.

In July 2020 he was appointed as Chief Investment Officer of FIMBank.