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Latest FIMBank p.l.c. share price

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22 October 2021

USD 0.386

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As at 31 May 2021, FIMBank p.l.c.'s issued share capital totals 522,443,763 fully paid Ordinary Shares of USD0.50 each. As at that date, the following Shareholders were registered with a holding of 5% or more of the Bank's Issued Share Capital:  

 1. United Gulf Holding Company B.S.C 78.63%
 2. Burgan Bank K.P.S.C  8.50%
Annual General Meeting

FIMBank p.l.c. holds an Annual General Meeting for its shareholders normally during the first six months of the calendar year. At the Annual General Meeting shareholders are requested to approve the Group's audited accounts and other standard resolutions concerning auditors and directors, and their remuneration, and dividend. Resolutions that do not constitute ordinary business are either passed as Extraordinary Resolutions at the same meeting or at a purposely convened meeting described as an Extraordinary General Meeting.