Security Notice

General Information

FIMBank will never use email or telephone to request confidential information, such as personal documentation, passwords related to your accounts, activation/recovery codes, or, other information of a confidential nature. Likewise, FIMBank p.l.c. will never transmit confidential information related to you by email.

Should you receive an email that appears to be fraudulent, please forward the email as an attachment to this email address and delete the email. Do not reply to the original email.

Please beware of websites that are of a fraudulent nature and which have no relation to FIMBank p.l.c. or to FIMBank Direct.  Fraudulent websites often have a similar appearance but can be identified by their URL, which can be similar but never identical to the legitimate FIMBank websites.

The following are the only legitimate FIMBank p.l.c. websites:


The only way to ensure that you are visiting a legitimate FIMBank website is by checking that the link shown in the address bar of your browser starts with one of the above (note the trailing / after each “.com”).

Any links found in mailshots sent by FIMBank p.l.c. should point to one of the above links.  The only exceptions are the “View online version” link found in the top right corner of the emails and the “click here to unsubscribe.”, which point to  This link points to one of our email service providers.

When receiving an email from FIMBank p.l.c., please note that the email address will always have the following suffix: or, and nothing after the .com.

The domains and are protected by an “SPF” record.  All emails originating from these two domains should have an SPF value of “PASS”.  Any other responses indicate that the emails are not originating from a FIMBank P.L.C. authorised email server.

Use of the FIMBank Camera Authentication Matrix (CAM) mobile app

The FIMBank Camera Authentication Matrix (CAM) mobile app is used to access your account of FIMBank Direct.

Additional Information for Customers
All group websites use SSL and the URL in the address bar must start exactly as is shown above. By clicking on the padlock icon in the browser bar, you can verify the identity of the website.  The websites listed above are all protected using the latest Extended Validation (EV) SSL technology which allows the user to verify that the website genuinely belongs to FIMBank. 

For your safety:

Please reach out to us via the Contact Us form, or send us an email should you encounter fraudulent activity purporting to be affiliated to FIMBank, such as fraudulent websites or mobile apps on public app stores.