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FIMBank sponsors Harpsichord for Teatru Manoel


Malta-based trade finance institution FIMBank plc has sponsored the acquisition of a harpsichord for Teatru Manoel, the island’s national theatre. The inauguration of the arrival of this baroque instrument at Malta’s national theatre was celebrated recently at a press launch.

Addressing guests at the event, Teatru Manoel’s Chairman Dr. Michael Grech referred to the baroque nature of Malta’s capital and the fact that the Theatre itself is ranked as 12th in the Association of Baroque Theatres in Europe. He also referred to the Theatre’s three year strategic plan leading to the EU Presidency 2017 and the European Capital of Culture 2018, which places focus on marketing Malta as a cultural destination, with a highlight on the beauty of baroque. Dr Grech also introduced Malta’s first International Baroque Music Festival in January 2013. He went on to thank FIMBank plc for financing the purchase of the Jacques Braux 1998 Harpsichord, which was purchased in Paris.

On his part, Mr Marcel Cassar, First Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Fimbank plc, said that the Bank’s sponsorship reflects the importance which it gives to Malta’s cultural heritage, and specifically its appreciation of the local performing arts scene. “In agreeing to this investment, we are also contributing to the Manoel Theatre’s efforts to enhance the range of events held at the Theatre and to encourage more people to patronize theatre performances on a regular basis”, he said.

During the launch event, those present had the opportunity of seeing the new harpsichord in action during a brief performance by one of Malta’s few harpsichord players, Ramona Zammit Formosa. As part of the inauguration celebrations of the theatre’s Harpsichord, Teatru Manoel has invited Jerome Correas, who directs the Baroque Ensemble ‘Les Paladins’ to perform on the 28th of October, as well as Beatrice Marti, a harpsichordist with ‘Les Arts Florissants’, who will be performing at Teatru Manoel on the 14th of February of next year.

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