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Celebrate the New Year with higher deposit interest rates


FIMBank plc has announced new and competitive interest rates, for its Easisave Euro fixed term deposits. As from the 3rd January 2023, retail clients can benefit from new interest rates in tenors ranging from one to three years. This development further contributes to the Bank’s proposition in providing high quality banking experiences to retail customers.

The new interest rates start at 2.50% for one-year deposits, going up to 2.75% per annum for the two-year option, and rising to 3.00% for fixed term deposits of three years. Short-term tenors remain available to clients. All interest rates are on a gross per annum basis.

An account may be opened via the Easisave portal by accessing Easisave accounts require a minimum amount of EUR 1,000 to open a fixed term deposit. A savings account on can be opened with an interest rate of 0.4% per annum. Apart from the market leading interest rates, FIMBank is now offering Maltese residents the convenience where the Bank’s representatives collect the account opening documentation directly from their home or office, rather than having to send documents through the postal service. The Easisave portal allows clients to open an account without visiting the Bank, enabling flexibility and convenience.

For the various fixed term deposit options available, the Bank is also offering a welcome bonus of EUR 25 which is applicable for new customers. The increased interest rates are applicable for new contracts. For more information, please contact the FIMBank helpdesk team on 21322102 or Terms and conditions can be viewed on