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FIMBank Launches New CSR Campaign Focusing on Maltese Proverbs


As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, FIMBank p.l.c. has launched a series of short video clips which focus on Maltese proverbs and their meanings. The campaign “X’jghid il-Malti?, follows on last year’s highly rated series “Kelma Kuljum”,  which had kicked off FIMBank’s efforts to generate a greater appreciation of the Maltese language. This is the third consecutive year in which FIMBank has produced a campaign in relation to Malta’s heritage.

The “X’jghid il-Malti?” video clips adopt a playful tone where viewers have a few seconds to figure out the meaning of the proverb. Once the allocated time frame of a few seconds’ elapses, an explanation of the proverb is provided. The visuals accompanying the voice-over include handmade crafts which are consistent with the selected proverb’s theme. The innovative, creative and engaging concept adopted by FIMBank for “X’jghid il-Malti?, manages to communicate the meaning of such proverbs effectively, arousing the interest of both children and adult audiences.

“The aim is to highlight the use of Maltese proverbs in daily discourse, whilst further emphasising the underlying message of last year’s highly rated ‘Kelma Kuljum’ campaign, that highlighting the linguistic wealth of the Maltese language. Indeed, the success and viewer engagement associated with the latter campaign, clearly demonstrated the strong interest the Maltese have in their language, making ‘X’jghid il-Malti?’ an ideal continuation  for 2016-2017”, commented Murali Subramanian, Chief Executive Officer, FIMBank p.l.c. The campaign consists of a number of spots, each focusing on a different proverb. These video clips are due to appear seven times daily on TVM and TVM 2, throughout the rest of 2016 and through 2017 and will also be posted on the Bank’s social media channels. For further information please visit our Facebook page by clicking here.