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FIMBank Meets Stockbrokers, Financial Intermediaries and Malta Association of Small Shareholders


FIMBank recently hosted meetings with licensed stockbrokers and financial intermediaries, as well as with the Malta Association of Small Shareholders, to discuss the Group’s 2018 financial results and developments which marked its performance.

In 2018, the Bank vigorously pursued the further upgrading of its asset origination and product differentiation efforts. Further improvements in operational efficiencies also allowed it to continue making inroads into greater revenue generation, while optimising its capital and funding resources. The Group is expected to continue evolving within rigorous parameters and frameworks, aimed at solidifying its origination and risk processes, while achieving growth at a sustainable pace.

During these meetings, it was explained that for the year ended 31 December 2018, the Group registered a profit of USD10.2 million compared to a profit of USD7.7 million in 2017. For the year under review, net operating results, that is operating income less operating costs, more than tripled from USD6.5 million to USD21.1 million – as the Group improved its revenues by USD9.9 million and reduced its costs by USD4.7 million.

The Bank’s performance, despite the myriad of challenges faced throughout the year, reflects the resilience of FIMBank’s dynamic business model. It bolsters the Group’s commitment and resolve to respond to future challenges, ensuring sustainability for the years to come.