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FIMBank sponsors exhibition at Lily Agius Art Gallery


FIMBank recently sponsored an art exhibition, hosted by the Lily Agius Art Gallery, which showcased paintings by Naoya Inose and Julien Vinet. The exhibition was inaugurated on the 2nd December and will go on till the 24th December.

The exhibition, titled ‘The entity of Truth’  features  seven figurative and abstract works of art by each of the two artists. These embrace the subjectivity of personal perceptions, while highlighting how truth is viewed differently, and is shaped by personal experiences.

Commenting on FIMBank’s support of this exhibition, Jason Zammit, the Bank’s Head of Marketing and Administration, said that “As a Malta-based bank, we are highly appreciative of the  artistic contribution of both  the artists as well as local art galleries which host their works. Through our support of such initiatives in the cultural sphere, we want to underline our commitment towards engendering artistic creativity in the local community”.