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FIMBank Sponsors Making Malta Great Campaign


As part of its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, FIMBank plc will be sponsoring the ‘Making Malta Great Campaign’, organised by 89.7 Bay. The initiative aims to raise awareness of the need for Maltese citizens to care for these islands, and to leave a positive legacy for future generations. Speaking on this project, Mr Kevin Decesare, on behalf of 89.7 Bay, said that the aim of this campaign is to “inspire and encourage people to do their part in better safeguarding what this country has to offer”. He said that such positive action could include the proper management of waste to keep the country clean, providing a helping hand to others, as well as contributing towards the preservation of Malta’s heritage sites. He explained that this campaign will be carried by means of interactive content disseminated through online media.

Commenting on FIMBank’s sponsorship of this iniative,  Jason Zammit, Head of Marketing & Administration referred to the Group’s track record as a contributor to the local community’s wellbeing, especially in relation to  Malta’s heritage, as highlighted by its previous CSR campaigns. He added that the ‘Making Malta Great’ “entails an interesting social experiment which can serve to emphasise the friendliness and hospitality of the Maltese towards visitors, while fostering a stronger sense of civic pride and responsibility of the Maltese population towards their surroundings”.  This campaign is being endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority.