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FIMBank Supports Beating Hearts Foundation


FIMBank has recently sponsored Beating Hearts, an independent non-profit foundation established primarily to support the needs of parents having children born with a congenital heart defect.

Due to the Bank’s continued support, FIMBank was provided with a set of high-quality prints, revolving around the Tale of Two Cities theme, which consist of the photographic pairing of two selected cities. The Bank was provided with the pairings of Malta-New York and Malta-Manchester as collages.

 As a sign of appreciation towards the Bank’s contributions to this foundation, the President, Prof. Victor Grech signed the prints during an event organised by FIMBank.

“The noble work of the Beating Hearts foundation is indeed endorsed by FIMBank. Prof. Victor Grech’s work and consistent effort to make a direct and positive impact on people who suffer from a congenital heart defect is indeed commendable. We look forward to supporting further initiatives undertaken by Beating Hearts” said Jason Zammit, Senior Vice President, Head of Marketing.

“FIMBank’s consistent support and assistance in our mission is highly appreciated. We have found FIMBank to be very willing in aiding us with our cause and it is thanks to such contributions that we can continue making inroads to help people with congenital heart defects” said Prof. Victor Grech.