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FIMBank supports Valletta Concours


FIMBank will be sponsoring the Valletta Concours event which is set to take place on the 28th of May 2023. Valletta Concours is an international event that brings together the artistic engineering of vintage and classic cars, set in the city of Valletta.

The event will be held at the heart of the Capital city, in the baroque surroundings of St George’s Square. The participants will be judged by an international panel of expert judges who will be awarding three participants from each of the ten classes. The first in class from each category will compete for the ‘best in show’. Throughout the event, The Valletta Cultural Agency will also be participating in a week-long art exhibition featuring the artistic works of seven renowned artists surrounding the theme of classic cars and the intricately designed architecture of Valletta.

“At FIMBank, we are committed to enhancing our presence within the local market and supporting our home community. Over the years, we have achieved this by offering competitive products and sponsoring various local organisations. We are proud to continue building on this tradition by sponsoring this vintage car competition, which celebrates our shared passion for history and classic automobiles.” stated Jason Zammit, Senior Vice President, Head of Marketing.

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