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FIMBank USD Banking Services


FIMBank is strongly positioned to deliver an enhanced banking service to corporate customers to support their international settlements, foreign exchange transactions, and fixed term deposits. As a trade finance specialist, FIMBank has invested significantly in its USD offering, since it is the mostly used currency in international transactions and global trade.

The services provided by FIMBank are also facilitated by its secure digital banking platform FIMBank Direct, a system designed for the cash management needs of corporate customers, to process international and foreign exchange transactions, being direct, same day or spot.

“The extensive repertoire of digital banking services is complemented by the recent interest rate increase on USD term deposits where corporate customers can benefit from a 3.5% interest rate at the yearly tenor they select, be it either 1 year, 2 year or 3 year” said Chris Trapani, Head of Cash Management and Central Customer Services.

The same USD interest rates are applied on FIMBank’s retail flagship product Easisave, where clients have a choice of tying their funds on a 1,2 or 3 year basis, with a minimum deposit of USD 1,000, including the option of receiving interest on a quarterly basis.
Commenting on this competitive interest rate for USD deposits, Chris Trapani said that, “Easisave is geared to provide our clients with competitive interest rates. A retail account can be opened online in a few minutes and clients can benefit from an easy to use, reliable and secure platform, guided by a readily available Helpdesk team, if needed.”

All Easisave deposits are covered under the depositor compensation scheme established under the laws of Malta. The scheme covers deposits in all currencies without distinction.

More information about Easisave can be obtained by visiting