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FIMBank’s Greek and Malta Operations Lauded for Service Quality Improvement


FIMBank has been recognised as the 3rd Best Export Factor in Service Quality Improvement for 2015. The announcement was made at the 48th FCI Annual Council Meeting held on the 28th  October, 2016. This event brings together leading industry professionals hailing from the global factoring and receivable finances spheres. FIMBank’s operation in Greece, led by the CEO of the Hellenic Branch Demetris Zouzoukis, together with FIMBank’s MED Factors Operations in Malta led by Nicolas Henrion, was ranked in third place for Service Quality Improvement from a total of 415 nominees, all members of FCI.

The significance of this award is highlighted by the fact that the ranking takes into consideration y-o-y Service Quality Improvement. This is regarded as a powerful  indicator of how the Bank is perceived in terms of product knowledge, service provision, business application response and problem solving. The award reflects improvements resulting from the continuous investment being made by FIMBank in its Factoring teams based in Greece and in Malta, which has also led to an increase of good quality business.

Commenting on the award, Demetris Zouzoukis stated  “I commend the efforts of my colleagues in Greece as well as in Malta for their exceptional professionalism and commitment to delivering a quality service, both to our esteemed clients as well as to our Correspondence Factors around the world.  We remain committed towards enhancing the reputation of FIMBank through our work, and the delivery of a positive performance for the benefit of our shareholders. FIMBank’s focus on offering bespoke factoring services is essential in maintaining a competitive edge, and remains an important unique selling point for the Group globally.”

The annual meeting was addressed by several keynote speakers of repute, such as Nobel Prize winner F.W. De Klerk, former President of South Africa, Marc Auboin, Chief Economist at the World Trade Organization (WTO), Olivier Buyoya, Regional Head for Africa at the IFC/World Bank, and John Brechist, Director at the EU Federation for Factoring.