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Current and Savings Accounts
FIMBank Direct offers the opportunity to open Savings and Current Accounts, in a few simple steps without the need to visit the Bank.

•Easisave is ideal if you are looking for competitive interest rates on Euro and US Dollar savings accounts, whilst having direct access to your money. This account also allows you to open fixed term deposits with just a few clicks.

•Our FIMBank Current Accounts are ideal if you are looking to securely schedule/ effect single or multi-currency Funds Transfers 24/7, by offering a customised funds limit which is adapted to your needs. This Account also allows you to open Fixed Term Deposits.
Fixed Term Deposits
FIMBank Direct enables you to take advantage of our Fixed Term Deposits. With a few clicks you will be able to open both Easisave and FIMBank Fixed Term Deposits, without visiting the Bank. Our Fixed Term Deposits range from 3 months to 3 years and are available in EUR and USD, with other currencies being available upon request. You will need Savings/Current Accounts to open respective Fixed Term Deposits.
Fixed Term Deposit Interest Rates
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