About FIMBank CAM

The FIMBank CAM App is a pioneering innovation adopted for FIMBank Direct, as part of the two factor authentication used to make payments and logging in to your account. The App works by scanning an Onscreen Matrix, providing the user with a numeric code, which he will need to input to process a payment or log in.

Apart from the high level protection technology, this App provides customers with the added convenience of not carrying a traditional physical token, all that is required is a smartphone.

The App must also be used to enrol with FIMBank Direct, during the initial account opening/activation stages. It must be used to scan an Enrolment Matrix which is sent to the customer via postal mail. After scanning this Enrolment Matrix and inserting the numeric code generated within the system, users must then scan the Onscreen Matrix presented during enrolment.

The FIMBank CAM App can be downloaded from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS).