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Easisave Savings Accounts

Easisave Savings Account

Easisave is an online savings solution developed by FIMBank p.l.c. Easisave is an online product and is offered in euro currency (EUR) and US Dollar currency (USD) and accessible solely over the internet. The interest rate applicable on  Easisave Savings Accounts is variable. Changes to the interest rate will be applied at the discretion of FIMBank p.l.c. Withdrawals and any payments from this account will be affected via SEPA and SWIFT credit transfers. Each Easisave Savings Account will be linked to a reference bank account that our client holds with another financial institution within the European Economic Area (EEA) or any account held with the FIMBank or the Burgan Bank Group. All funds deposited in the Easisave Savings Account will be remitted from this reference bank account, which is stipulated by our customer in the account application form. All withdrawals from the Easisave Savings Account will be refunded to the same reference bank account. No payments to third parties are allowed from Easisave.

Easisave Savings Account & Fixed Term Deposit - Product Specifications  download pdf

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Last Update: 20 June, 2017