Financial Institution Services

FIMBank has a worldwide correspondent banking network designed to support all areas of our international banking operations, while focusing primarily on those relationships that lend support to the Group's trade finance and related services. Our Financial Institutions & Deposits team is responsible for the development and management of all Banking relationships, be it Nostros, referred to as our up-stream correspondents and Vostros, our downstream relationships.

In doing so, our Financial Institutions & Deposits team not only oversees the daily maintenance of the accounts but also actively promotes the establishment of reciprocal funding and global commercial limits. This Department is the main contact point for other financial institutions.

Since the Group's core business bestows particular importance on trade finance activities in emerging markets, the Department also assumes area management responsibilities and is the primary source of information on these markets.

The services offered to financial institutions by FIMBank include the full range of Correspondent Banking services such as: 

  • Accounts in all convertible currencies
  • International Swift settlements
  • Relationship Management Authorisation
  • Establishment of Risk/Deal Participation Agreements
  • Reciprocal Commercial Lines
  • Syndications

For further details, call our Financial Institutions & Deposits team on +356 21322100 or send us an email.